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Touchwood Models

Welcome to the Touchwood Models website. We are a small company specialising in collectors scale models of cars and boats that have been connected with record breaking from the dawn of motoring to the present day.

At Touchwood Models, we produce our own range of Record Models in 1:12, 1:43 and 1:76 scales.


We also supply models from other manufacturers that contain record subjects.



The following models have recently been added to our website:-

1972 Opel Diesel Rekordwagen

1972 Opel GT Record Car

1973 Opel Electro Record Car

1973 Opel Electro GT

1938 Railton Bonneville LSR

1938 railton Bonneville record

1975 Porsche 917/30 Cam2 World Closed Course Record

1975 Porsche 917/30

Touchwood Models
Auto Union Type B “Rekordwagen
As first shown at the Auto Union Factory at Zwickau and later taken to Gyon, Hungury for a record attempt before moving to Lucca, Italy.

Auto Union Type B “Rekordwagen”

1988 Collier and Manghelli Lakester
Kit and Built Models

1988 Collier and Manghelli Lakester Kit

1988 Collier and Manghelli Lakester


ABC Models
1965 Abarth 2000 Monoposto Record Car

LS 459 SE Bugatti Chiron Zero-400kph-Zero

Look Smart
LS 459 SE Bugatti Chiron Zero-400kph-Zero

LS 459 SE Bugatti Chiron Zero-400kph-Zero

AutoCult Masterpiece
1976 Porsche 924 World Record Car

1976 Porsche 924 World Record Car


The following models are currently on offer at SALE prices:-

1:18 Scale  Model Engine
Atlas Editions
Auto Union Type C V16

Sale Price £8.50


1:43 Land Speed Record Models

Petermax-Muller World Record

Sale Price £57.00

1920 Double Duesenberg
Sale Price £50.00

Mercedes T80 Rekordwagen

Sale Price £60.00

True Scale Miniatures
1965 Shelby Daytona Coupe

Sale Price £58.00



All Future Releases on one page


PayPalOnline Payments

If you wish to make a payment to us for one of the many models listed on the site, please contact us before doing so. This way we can set up the transaction for you whilst also ensuring that we have the potentially rare model in stock. If you have any queries about how this works or any other questions please also get in touch. (Contact details at the bottom). For reference our paypal username is which is listed as Touchwood Models.

Updated Product Information

We are constantly updating the website as new models become available. See our various pages for more information & dont hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.



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