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Mistral Copper 1:43 Scale

1957 Renault Etoile Filante V2

1957 Renault Etoile
Filante V2, Turmo 2

Mock up of Gas Turbine
Record Car

Built Price: £130.00

Renault Etoile Filante V3

1958 Renault Etoile
Filante V3, Turmo 3

Mock up of Gas Turbine
Record Car

Built Price: £135.00

Renault Etoile Filante V3A

1959 Renault Etoile
Filante V3A, Turmo 3A

Mock up of Gas Turbine
Record Car

Built Price: £140.00


AEC Diesel Safety special - George Eyston

George Eyston's
AEC Diesel Engine Safety Special

Pre-order now to ensure you receive your Kit/Model from our first delivery

Expected price: £160.00

1933 renault Type PG8 Primastella

1933 Renault Type PG8

Built Price: £130.00

At Montlhery on the 9th January 1933 the 2 drivers averaged 124.379 km/h for 6 hours, a new production car record.

1925, Renault 40CV, Montlhery
1925, Renault 40CV, Montlhery

1925 Renault 40CV Renault NM

Built Price: £140.00

This car was based on a 40CV Type NM frame, it broke the 300km, 500km and 500 mile World Records on May 11th 1925, the first records for Renault at Montlhery track.
Average speed was 166.805 kph. The drivers were Robert Plessier and J.A.Garfield.

1925 Renault 40CV
1925 Renault 40CV

1925 Renault 40CV Renault NM

Built Price: £140.00

This car crashed in practice and was rebuilt before the record attempt, the registration also changed.

1934 Chanard& Walcker "Mistral" Montlhery

1934 Chanard & Walcker “Mistral”

Built Price: £146.00

The Mistral was presented at Salon de L'Automobile in Paris in 1933. It's aerodynamic body was designed by Pierre Mauboussin, a French aviator and aircraft designer.
In 1932 he established his own company, Avions Mauboussin, and introduced the Corsaire, a light trainer/touring monoplane.
To attract attention to his new plane he proposed to build a streamline version of the Chanard & Walcker Aigle 8 luxury car. The Aigle was powered by a V8 engine that developed 80hp and was rear-wheel drive.
The C&W management agreed to collaborate with Mauboussin
and even included the Mistral in their 1934 catalogue, priced at 75,000 Fr.
The streamline car was taken to Montlhery to attempt various records, but because of it's weight 1800kg, the best it acheived was 160km/h, well short of any record.
The car never went into series production and the prototype remained the only example built.

1934 Renault ZR1 "Celta 4"
1934 Renault ZR1 "Celta 4"

1934 Renault ZR1
“Celta 4” Montlhery

6 Hours at an average speed of 111.466kph

Built Price: £110.00


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