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Touchwood Models is pleased to link to the following websites which may be of interest to World Water Speed Record and World Land Speed Record modellers.  The official website for the Aussie Invader 5R landspeed record attempt  This is a good website with a lot of material on Bluebird K7 and Donald Campbell  Very good web site with a lot of  information. Learn more about the search, recovery and restoration of  Bluebird K7.  Dedicated to Donald Campbell and his achievements.  Club dedicated to all aspects of Record Breaking on Land, Water and Air.  The website of the Official Bluebird Supporters Club.  An excellent Museum in the heart of Coniston village with a huge collection of Campbell related exhibits.  Interesting Motor Museum with a Campbell related collection including replicas of the 1935 Bluebird Car and K4 and K7.  The web site for the latest British attempt on the Water Speed Record.   The history of these famous hydroplanes and the people who created them.  The An Stradag World electric water speed record attempt.   The Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum website.–hawk.html  The history of this interesting WSR hydrofoil and the people who created it.  List of all the World Water Speed Records.  The history of hydroplanes ,with many historical photos of the Bluebird boats among others. Lots of historical information and photographs from the extensive archive. Thousands of photographs etc. on the famous Surrey Race track.  Good web site covering all aspects of Land Speed Racing.  This is the website of the Westmoreland gazette, use their search facility to find articles on “Campbell”.  Keith Duerden’s photographic archive of Motor Racing photographs from the 1950’s and 1960’s  including Donald Campbell’s 1955 and 1956 Coniston attempts. Join with other enthusiasts in gossip related to record related topics, This site claims to have the biggest collection of Campbell related photographs on the web.  The official website of the North American Eagle Supersonic Land speed Record Challenger. Official site of the current Land Speed Record Holder.  Aussie invader World Land speed Record Challenge.  Web site of the current World Water Speed Record Holder.  Something different, the Wind Powered  World  Speed Record.  This is a good website with a lot of material on Miss America IX

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